Grade K Distance Learning Plan, April 13th - 16th  

Your teacher will schedule a Monday - Thursday virtual Morning Meeting time (video, audio or chat) and share which 2-3 activities each day (including a special for a total of 40-60 min./day) from the lists below for you to work on each day. You may also work on additional activities listed below based on your interest. For more information with possible supports for all students, see Grade K Distance Learning More Information. 

Our Question This Week

How can we take care of our world?

Activities with Adult Support Needed

(Semi) Independent Activities

Earth Day Literacy


Springtime Songs and Rhymes

  • Here is a collection of springtime songs and rhymes to enjoy with someone special.  Listen for rhyming words. Which song is YOUR favorite?

Maps help us understand our world

  • Choose one way to show what you have learned about maps:

Social Studies

Reading maps

Rhythm and Beat

  • Find some items in your house that you could use for rhythm sticks (spoons, sticks, pencils).  Play slow and fast beats with some songs you know.

Some familiar songs are:  Twinkle Twinkle, Mary Had a Little Lamb, The ABC Song, Old McDonald


Rhythm and Beat

Go on an Art Material Hunt!

  • Art can be made of anything. Search your home for as many materials and tools you can find. Don’t forget to check the kitchen cabinets and recycling bin!
  • Explore your materials. See how you can blend and mix your drawing or painting materials or how to transform your ‘trash’ into a piece of art.


Envision an Art Idea

  • Use your art brain - how do these art materials inspire you? Should you work flat like a drawing or collage, or do you want to make a sculpture? Try out a few options to see what you like!

Check out the AB Art Choice Board for inspiration if you feel stuck or need more support!




  • Complete some Meadowview Math that goes along with the On Meadow Street story.
  • Complete a measuring activity about longer and shorter! If you forgot how to measure with objects watch this video first! Then complete the Measuring Activity. If you need some help with longer and shorter watch this!

Scientists ask questions; engineers solve problems

  • Have you ever wondered where your recycling goes? Watch this video about what happens to your recycling once it leaves your house. Then talk with someone at home about the ways you can reduce, reuse & recycle.
  • Do you remember the STEAM Fair? Try this STEAM Challenge to reuse and recycle materials in your home for engineering.
  • Ongoing: Continue collecting weather data.
  • Ongoing: Continue observing a Tree or Shrub Observation Data Sheet 


We can take care of Earth by reducing, reusing, and recycling

Dance and Enjoy the Outdoors

  • Follow along and dance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling
  • Go for a walk, bike ride, or play a sports activity (for example, throw and catch a tennis ball, shoot hoops in basketball) for 30 minutes or more.